Eli Paquette


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Are you a new combat sports athlete, or an experienced fighter new to the area? Or maybe you’re a beginner ready to try something new. I am offering you a one stop shop to train, with experienced trainers and coaches, at all levels. We have strength and conditioning coaches, agility coaches, high tempo cardio instructors, boxing and striking coaches. We offer the best of the best equipment for all your training needs, complete with a massage therapist, boxing ring, and an extensive heavy bag area. We have a dedicated team that cares about you! Get serious about your career, and your goals. Our team of athletes are here and ready to assist you. 2021 is right around the corner. Regional MMA, grappling, and boxing events will continue. Will you be ready to answer the call? Let our established combat fighters assist you in your journey. Come by and check us out, no more excuses! 2021 belongs to you!!🥊