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Shawn Jackson

Persona Training, Small Group Training, & Cardio Boxing

Shawn is the owner of Jackson Elite Training here in Holland where he works with youth, college, and pro athletes to improve their performance and recovery.

He is a former Collegiate football player and coach of Hope College. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Hope College in Exercise Science in 2014. He has a vast array of training experience and enjoys learning new things.

Shawn holds a certification in Musclosystematic Engineering, which helps reassigns neuromuscular responsibilities in order to create a safely and effectively moving human. He also is a certified speed and agility specialist with The FootDoctor Sports.

Cardio boxing is a new favorite Shawn has enjoyed the past year to help people have fun, get a great workout, and improve their fitness!

His goal is to help people not only look better physically, but move and feel better than they ever have before! He strongly believes balance is the key to a long healthy life!

Shawn has a wife and two kids. He enjoys spending time with God, family, learning, and hanging out with friends IF he is not at the gym making you sweat!